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How can I volunteer with SPOTT?


SPOTT is 100% volunteer based. The SPOTT Team is made up of an Executive Board, a Board of Directors, A General Support Committee, a Public Relations Committee and Mentorship Committee. If you are interested in volunteering in any of those capacities please fill out our interest form HERE (Include Link to Interest Form)


How can my organization partner with SPOTT?


SPOTT is always looking for like minded organizations and individuals to partner with. If your organization is interested in setting up a meeting to discuss a potential collaboration, please fill out our partnership form HERE (Include Link to Partner Form)


Is SPOTT only based in Trinidad and Tobago?


SPOTT is based primarily in Trinidad and Tobago and the United States of America. We have built a foundation of collaboration across the diaspora through the use technology and believe that even though we may not always be in the same physical location that it only serves to build and develop the mission we've set for ourselves as an organization. So true are we to this mission that although the current SPOTT Eboard has been serving together since 2017, we've only all been in the same physical location  once in January 2019! SPOTT is continuing on its path to expand and widen our base across the TT diaspora. 


Is there a membership fee to be involved?


 No are no fees to be involved with SPOTT. We are non profit, volunteer driven organization & pride ourselves on being accessible to everyone. In an effort to continue to provide this service we welcome in kind and monetary donations from various sectors.


How are people selected once they apply to the mentorship program?


Much of what we do at SPOTT is pivoted around our mentorship program, it is our baby and pride and joy as an organization! From its inception we have always emphasized having the "best fit" approach to matching applicants. After all applications are received they are then reviewed by a committee that is broken up by profession and interest. That team then narrows down the list to come up with possible pairings between mentors and mentees. That list is then reviewed again by the broader group before interviews are set up to confirm matches . Once the interviews are conducted, a recommendation is then made to either confirm a match or not. All final matches are then contacted to confirm their participation before their mentor or center match is revealed and details for the program provided. (Link to mentorship program)


What is the age requirement of the mentorship program?


Yes all participants in our mentorship program MUST be at least 18 years of age. To find out more about the mentorship program click HERE.


How do I submit a story or original written piece for SPOTT?


SPOTT is always for original pieces written by or about TT nationals at home and abroad  and for stories about Trinidad and Tobago in general. If you are interested in submitting a written piece,  please complete our 'Partner with Us' form HERE. (Insert link to partnership form)


Check out some of our pieces here 


How do I get on SPOTT’s mailing list?


To join our mailing list to get notified about please complete our 'Contact us Form' HERE and make sure to select 'Sign up for SPOTT mailing list' (Insert link to Contact Us Form). We send out newsletters in each quarter of the year. Beginning 2021 , our newsletters can also be found here (LINK)


How the COVID-19 pandemic affected SPOTT operations?


SPOTT has for a long time always had some aspect of its operations online, given that the organization is run by persons who live both in TT and abroad. The experience we've gained using this approach has enabled to transition all our programming and content to online only with the onset of the pandemic. While we cancelled our 2020 mentorship program because of COVID -19 pandemic, our 2021 mentorship program and all our programming for 2021 will be online only until further notice.  For the latest on our programs for 2021, click HERE


How do apply to for advertised vacancies on the SPOTT Executive Board or Board of Directors?


Currently there are openings for positions on our Board of Directors and for the position for Treasurer for the Executive Board that will become vacant in January of 2021. If you are interested in serving in either capacity ,  please complete this form HERE. 

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