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The Student and Professional Organization of Trinidad and Tobago’s Mentorship Program is the flagship program of the organization that encapsulated our core values.

Our mentorship program is designed to match students and young professionals with mentors established in their respective careers. 


As the program facilitator , it is our goal to remain engaged with you throughout the program . In addition to our monthly check-in’s surveys, we also provide  tools  and opportunities to maximize productivity. 

The mentorship experience has been deliberately crafted to mutually benefit both mentors and mentees alike.


Our students and  young professionals will gain access to experienced individuals/experts in their field of interest that can help bolster their personal and professional career development.


Our mentors get the chance to reinforce their own study skills and knowledge of your subject while giving back to their communities and by extension the country through volunteering. They will also gain access to exceptional  rising stars who are poised to become movers-and-shakers in their own right.


Since 2017, we have successfully matched almost 50% of our applicants  and we look forward to increasing our match rate as time progresses. Our SPOTT Mentorship Program has had:-


  • Over 500+ program applicants

  • Over 250+ program participants 

  • Over 100   matched pairs.


We salute those who have committed to joining us on this journey. Our primary goal at SPOTT is to  bridge the gap between students and professionals locally and abroad, our program is designed to encourage professional learning experiences amongst our students and professionals and build long term, sustainable relationships throughout the diaspora. Our mutually beneficial program will not only enhance the skills of seasoned professionals but help guide the new generation




  • Increased knowledge transfer.

  • Smart succession planning.

  • Development of leadership skills.

  • Motivation for professional development and accountability.

  • Achievement of individual or collective goals and objectives.

  • Stronger internal networks.

  • Increased teamwork.

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