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The SPOTT is a development based non profit organization. Our goal is to act as a resource, to train and mentor young people, to utilize the diaspora, in our goal to contribute to the development of our country. If you share our vision, we are looking for you! 


Volunteering with us is a 1 year commitment. Check out a list of volunteer team opportunities below, if you are interested please complete our Volunteer Interest Form.

  • Mentorship Operations Team

  • Marketing & Communications Operations Team

  • Partnerships & Research Operations Team

  • Community Outreach & Engagement Operations Team

We partner with organizations across various sectors in an effort to  amplify the importance of mentorship, elevate our communities, and harness our collective power as a global movement of doing good. The Student and Professional Organization is a 501c organization based in Trinidad and Tobago and chapters in the United States. If you would like to partner with us, click below.


SPOTT Leadership Team Opportunities 


  • Board of Director Opportunities

  • Executive Board Opportunities Team

    • Treasurer

    • Public Relations Officer 


  • SPOTT’s Executive Board and Board of Directors comprises of Trinidad and Tobago nationals or persons of Trinidad and Tobago heritage who will serve for a minimum of 2 years unless otherwise ejected or re-elected under the organization’s governing bylaws

  • To be a Board member, one must agree to support the mission to serve as a vehicle to connect Trinidad and Tobago students and professionals at home and abroad with like-minded organizations concerned in fostering personal, professional, and national development in Trinidad and Tobago.  Individuals must commit to overseeing the fiscal, operational and developmental management of the organization by fulfilling the general responsibilities that come with membership and specific roles on the Board.


SPOTT Volunteer Team Opportunities 

We’re currently recruiting  members for the following teams:-

  •  Marketing and Communication  Team

  • Community Engagement Team

  • Mentorship Operations Team

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Partnerships and Research Team 


Marketing and Communications Team 


The SPOTT Communications and Marketing Operations Team will support the internal and external communications needs of the organization. The team will  work across teams and assist with social media support, website upkeep, newsletter development and event planning.. Here are the open positions on this team:-

Team Director -responsible for planning, development and implementation of all the organization’s internal and external marketing strategies, communications, and 

public relations activities. This team will also be responsible for managing budget needs and expenses and should liaise with the Finance team. 


Social Media Manager- Discover related content and post at least twice per week on all media platforms - FB, Twitter, IG, Report event outreach analytics, Post upcoming events and alerts and help to build + gain followers


Event Manager- Work collaboratively across teams to develop themes or concepts around the event. Track event success factors - # of attendees, attendee feedback etc. 


Graphic Artist- Help create and develop fliers and work with Social Media Manager and other team members as needed on content.


If interested please fill out our volunteer interest form


Mentorship Operations Team

The SPOTT Mentorship Operations Team  volunteer will assist with the activities and programmatic aspects of the  SPOTT Mentorship Program. SPOTT Mentorship program  runs for nine months each calendar year. This committee will comprise of 10-15 persons who will act to support the mentorship programme and its events throughout the year. The general responsibilities of the mentorship programme are: 

  • Monitor all mentorship pairs/groups to make sure that they are still actively participating in the programme

  • Make check in calls to mentorship programme participants and record feedback from participants, using a standard script provided by the SPOTT Executive. 

  • Administer the Mentorship Check in Surveys and record which applicants have submitted responses in relation to those that are outstanding. 

  • Plan , coordinate and execute events on the mentorship calendar from January to September.

  • Identify and plan content related to mentorship that can possibly be introduced as new programme content.

  • Strategize about ways in which the theme of mentorship can be advocated for and introduced on a wider platform. 

We’re currently recruiting for the following positions:-


Mentorship Volunteer  Committee Members (10-15)- Aid with matching process, including interview based on experience and level of comfort and check-in calls throughout the program.. 

If interested please fill out our volunteer interest form


Partnerships and Research Operations Team

This team will be responsible for grant writing, collecting and managing organizational data in line with industry trends. Below are the open positions:-

Team Director- Manage team members and lead overall direction of partnerships strategy for the organization's yearly goals. Networking and participating in events on behalf of SPOTT. This team member will also serve as a project manager to oversee the various tasks the members of the team are leading on.

Grant Writer- Research and submit proposals and/or applications for grant processes and connect with the team that the grant would be applicable to.

Local Partnerships Liaison- Point of contact of local partnership outreach and engagement. Identify opportunities for the organization and our programs to aid in overall brand visibility , revenue and donor base. This team member will also assist in managing the relationships we have with current donors and work to expand that base.

If interested please fill out our volunteer interest form.


Talent Acquisition Operations Team

General Responsibilities-This team will manage the external outreach process for available positions at SPOTT. They will also work closely with the Executive Board on the creation of job descriptions , interview process and onboarding of new team members. This team can aid with filling the capacity of an objective role for the organization in any situations that would require an unbiased voice and also serve as a secondary support for organizational wide workshops and training. Work closely with safeguard policy.


Team Director- Manage the overall process of the recruitment and onboarding of new SPOTT team members. They will work closely across teams to ensure safeguarding policies are enforced. If interested please fill out our volunteer interest form


Community Engagement Team

General Responsibilities- Volunteerism is at the core of who we are and how we operate. This team will manage SPOTT’s  partnership and participation in community lead and driven opportunities  . They will also work closely with the Executive Board and volunteer team to amplify our mission and vision in doing good. 


Team Director- Identify and lead community projects and partnerships, this person would also manage the team of volunteers and will work closely with the Executive Board . If interested please fill out our volunteer interest form



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