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Are you looking for professional guidance? Do you want to mold the future of your industry or just share your experience? If yes, it sounds like you should sign up for our Mentorship Program today!


Our mentorship program is designed to match students and young professionals with mentors established in their respective careers.  As the program facilitator , it is our goal to remain engaged with you throughout the program . In addition to our monthly check-in’s surveys, we also provide  tools  and opportunities to maximize productivity.. The mentorship experience has been deliberately crafted to mutually benefit both mentors and mentees alike.


Here is a snapshot at our application timeline and process


Step 1: Submit Application 

Step 2: Applications Reviewed 

Step 3: Candidate Interviews

Step 4: Custom Matching 

Step 5: Paired  

Meet Your Match!


Kindly Note: Submitting an application does not automatically guarantee that you will be paired. Will be notified of your application status throughout the process. 


At SPOTT we are committed to providing a space for our mentors and mentees to network and explore exciting opportunities. 


Connecting individuals of similar backgrounds/interests 

Building strong relationships that foster personal and professional growth

Facilitating mutual sharing of knowledge and experiences  

Read more about our program requirements.

Submit your application to be considered for the next mentorship program cycle!


If you have any questions or would like to get involved with SPOTT in another capacity feel free to contact us!

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