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The Mentorship committee matches mentors and mentees based on similar areas of interest using our 'SPOTT Mentorship-Matching Algorithm' . This tool combined with the qualitative and quantitative data we received over the years results in what we believe to be the most effective pairings to help guarantee a successful experience.  Efforts are made to match mentees with mentors who can best support their respective developmental needs.


Our process is strategic and deliberate to ensure the uniqueness and validity of our program. It is imperative that both mentors and mentees remain equally committed throughout the process. This program is an integral part of our commitment to advancing Trinidad and Tobago nationals across the globe. It is our hope that through our networks, shared experiences and knowledge we will create a platform that promotes a culture of mentorship. 



At SPOTT, we are committed to providing a space for our mentors and mentees to network and explore exciting opportunities. 



Connecting individuals of similar backgrounds/interests 

Building strong relationships that foster personal and professional growth

Facilitating mutual sharing of knowledge and experiences  


Below are the requirements for our mentorship program. 


Requirement for Mentors & Mentees Applicants :


  • Complete the application describing your educational, personal and professional background. Applicants must be at least 18+ years of age.


  • Commit to our specially curated selection process, potential candidates are interviewed by the SPOTT Mentorship committee prior to selection.


  • Commit to the time and communication requirement as mutually agreed upon between mentor and mentee  once you are selected as program participant.At a minimum, there should be at least one documented* mentorship session per month.


  • Subscribe to our email list and like our social media pages for the latest news and updates.


  • Our team at SPOTT will review all applications and select candidates to be matched based on the information provided. Matches will be based on availability, career goals/interests of the student and the professional experience of the mentor.


Note: Submitting an application does not automatically guarantee that you will be paired. Applicants will be notified of your status throughout the process

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